Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review

Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review


We are big fans of the Venum Elite BJJ Gi and in this comprehensive Venum Elite BJJ Gi review you will see why. Let’s begin with our first impression of Venum Elite BJJ Gi.  Whether you’re a beginner at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or an advanced practitioner, you will certainly find the information given here interesting.


Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review – First Impression

The first thing you will notice about the Venum Elite BJJ Gi is that is is not just a plain white BJJ Gi. It has a lot of print on it and really does stand out as something unique.

Now, you have either hate or love it, but the fact is the Venum Elite BJJ Gi is very different from the usual run-of-the-mill stuff that we see in most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms. It will most certainly get you noticed, and get you a lot of looks from the opposite sex as well.Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review

We think the quality of workmanship is excellent and the materials used to make this BJJ Gi are of a very high quality. Now, we looked hard for any signs of poor stitching, but didn’t find any – not even one example!

This BJJ Gi will get you through the toughest workouts day in and day out. You don’t have to worry about any pronounced wear and tear as the material is strong and rugged. However, it is important to look at the size chart before buying so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

You would feel distinctly uncomfortable if you end up buying a gi that’s not of your size. In fact, if you are tall, you should get the large version even if you are thin, as this would give you enough space to move your arms and legs freely enough.

Let’s look at the specifics next in this Venum Elite BJJ Gi review.


Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review – The Specifics

The Venum Elite BJJ Gi was designed in collaboration with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champs, Leandro Lo and Rodolfo Vieira.  It comes with a perfect fit because of its premium cut and reinforced stitching. It has been specifically designed keeping competitions in mind and with no excessive material whatsoever, to prevent your opponent or sparring partner from having much of a grip, if any.

Venum Elite BJJ Gi ReviewIt has been designed using a hardwearing 500 GSM Gold Weave. It is extremely durable and perfect for training without losing any of its efficiency. Venum Elite BJJ Gi is fabricated from pre-shrunk cotton, and stays at its present size, no matter how many times you wash it.

The jacket of this gi consists of a sublimated inner neck with polyester fabric, which offers amazing comfort with superior moisture management, which keeps you fresh and cool even after a most grueling training session.

The pants are made from a Rip-stop fabric which gives them maximum resistance to tearing and ripping. All the stress points of the Venum Elite BJJ Gi have been specially reinforced for enhanced durability and outstanding user experience.

The Venum Elite BJJ Gi really does take your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills to a whole new level. If you’re as excited by the Venum Elite BJJ Gi as we are, you can order it here for the Lowest price, or with,



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4 thoughts on “Venum Elite BJJ Gi Review

  1. Emily

    hi Emanuel!
    wow that is a nice gi! Looks soooo professional and durable! Even just from the pictures you can see the quality. And the fact that it has been reinforced on the stress points is awesome. One has to be comfortable when practicing or in a fight. Otherwise, one will not be at their best. This Venum Elite BJJ GI looks the part, stands out and helps you train to the max.

    1. Hi Emily, I fully agree with you.

      The Venum Elite BJJ Gi, its one of the best Gi´s available today for BJJ practice.

      They are very comfortable and reliable.If you are looking for a Top BJJ Gi, then, this one its the right choice.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Rod

    It is very well made gi in my opinion. I just got the Venum Elite gi last Black Friday for a price that I can’t resist and I thought why not buy it. I just want to check it out if I like it or not. I was so impressed when I opened the package and saw the gi. It was so different and so very well made that you can feel and see the quality. The materials and the details that was put into it is like of a $200’sh + gi. I have a Moya Ivory tech as my first gi and a Koral classic that I’ve been using it for quite a while now. They are both very good quality gis, but when I tried the Venum Elite gi it all changed my point of view. Maybe it’s just the fact that Venum is a big company with their own Research and Development Department?

    1. Hello Rod, I’m glad to know that you purchased the Venum Elite Bjj Gi.

      Currently this Venum Elite BJJ Gi is one of the best on the market.

      Surely you will not regret your choice.

      Venum is one of the best world brands in the manufacture of equipment for the practice of BJJ.

      This Venum Elite Bjj Gi is of high quality as you may have noticed. I´m happy for you.

      Thanks for your comment.

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