Top Rated Creatine Supplements

Top Rated Creatine Supplements

Top Rated Creatine Supplements


Before we tell you about the top rated Creatine supplements out there, let’s understand what Creatine is, what is does and why it is so important for bodybuilders, athletes and martial arts practitioners. Creatine is an organic acid produced in the liver that feeds energy to the cells in the body, especially to the cells that form muscular tissues.

Taking creatine in the form of a supplement makes the body produce adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATPM is important as it works with all the cells in the body and supplies the much needed energy that is required for the intense physical activity, whether at the gym or in an MMA training session. This builds endurance and strength, which is why creatine supplements are taken by bodybuilders and athletes.

The great thing about the top rated creatine supplements that are listed here is that not only do they provide you with all the energy you need and boost your athletic performance, they are also perfectly safe and do not cause any serious side effect of any sort. Creatine also gives you the energy you need at the gym, which means your workouts are going to be all the more intense, and so in no time at all, you will put on an incredible amount of lean muscle mass.

Now, let’s take a look at the top rated Creatine supplements….

ON Creatine Powder

With ON Creatine Powder, you get 5g of creatine monohydrate with each serving.  ON is one of the top manufacturers of protein supplements and uses a Top Rated Creatine Supplementspatented production process that creates a completely odorless and tasteless powder that mixes up easily into all liquids.  ON’s Creatine Powder is made with pure Creapure brand creatine and is very well priced. It dissolves in water after just a couple of shakes, which is great. It builds power and muscle strength, improves performance during intense workouts, helps with faster post-workout recovery and increases recovery and energy levels.

MusclePharm Creatine

Top Rated Creatine SupplementsMusclePharm Creatine powder has several benefits, such as the fact that it does not require a loading phase. Most Creatine powders would require you to increase the dose in the first week to up to 20g – this is not a requirement with MusclePharm Creatine.  It does not cost much and does not cause side effects such as bloating.  Most bodybuilders prefer the unflavored version MusclePharm Creatine, so perhaps that should be what you should go for as well.  It can be easily mixed into protein shakes. MusclePharm Creatine boosts energy, increases power, recovery, and strength, builds additional muscle growth, endurance, and muscle fuel and supplies an enormous dose of ATP energy.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP

Body Fortress offers the most advanced Creatine powder that offers three different blends: BCAA Nitro Blend, Triple Creatine Matrix Blend, and NOS XtremeTop Rated Creatine Supplements Blend. Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine Powder has Arginine, electrolytes, chromium, carbohydrates, and amino acids, which are essential for superior performance and strength. Super Advanced Creatine HP does not have the best possible taste, but it isn’t too bad either.  It offers quality muscle gains and faster creatine delivery. Asthma patients are advised against taking this supplement because it has Blue No. 01 which causes allergic reactions those suffering from asthma.


Other top rated creatine supplements you may want to consider are,


EFX Kre-Alkalyn Creatine:

A buffered form of creatine monohydrate distributed by EFX which is known to be quite effective.

Muscletech Creacore Creatine HCl Supplement:

An affordable super-concentrated creatine HCl supplement, which also consists of a dose of fenugreek, for higher testosterone levels

Arnold Iron Cre3 Creatine Nitrate Supplement:

Perfect pre-workout supplement for bodybuilders and athletes.


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