Muay Thai Gear

Muay Thai Gear

Muay Thai Gear

Muay Thai is a martial art that is fast growing in popularity all over the world, especially in the west. There are very good reasons for this. Muay Thai is a complete fitness workout and takes your martial arts experience to a whole new level. A Muay Thai training session builds physical strength, increases stamina and keeps you energized for the rest of the day. Muay Thai is also a terrific self-defense technique that, for instance, makes you fully capable of taking on an attacker who wants your money, while walking the streets in a lonely part of your city.

You should learn Muay Thai from a trained instructor, and it is necessary that you should have the right Muay Thai gear during your training. Muay Thai is a very demanding sport and takes a lot out of you, so having the right Muay Thai Gear will help you get through your training fully prepared and raring to go.

Here are some of the Muay Thai Gear you must have in your possession. The best places to buy Muay Thai gear are sites such as MMAWarehouse, MMA Overload and of course, everybody’s favorite – Amazon.

Muay Thai Guards and Padding

You need all the protection you can get in the form of shin guards, elbow guards, head-gear, knee pads and ankle padding during your training. Muay Thai involves making hardMuay Thai Gear strikes and aggressive attacks, so unless you are well protected, you can get hurt very badly. That’s why you need all the padding and guards you can get. In addition to the protections mentioned by us, it is also helpful to get a mouth guard for maximum safety. In most Muay Thai gyms it is mandatory to have all of these protections.

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai GearMuay Thai Gloves are similar to boxing gloves, but sturdier and longer. In particular, Muay Thai gloves are very strong in the wrist area and offered as a one-size-fits-all.  The weight of Muay Thai gloves varies widely. Women and children prefer to buy lighter gloves, while men buy those that are slightly heavier. As a Muay Thai fighter, you should wear different gloves for training and for competitions. The best Muay Thai gloves are made of durable leather and are not completely synthetic. Typically, a pair of Muay Thai gloves will last you for at least 3 years, provided you take good care of it.

Muay Thai Clothing

You must have special Muay Thai shorts, as well as wrappings for the wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. Also, a jock strap for men iMuay Thai Gears recommended. Women fighters can go with a sports bra, tank tops or sleeveless shirts. Wearing a headband to keep the sweat out and to prevent hair from getting into the eyes is a good idea as well.

Muay Thai First Aid Kit

MMuay Thai Gearuay Thai First Aid Kit is an essential part of your Muay Thai gear. This should include a disinfectant, band-aids, cotton balls and perhaps a skin lotion as well. As a Muay Thai practitioner, you should learn the essential first aid techniques as well, such as dressing up minor scrapes or nicks that you may get during the course of a usual match or training session.



Muay Thai Punching bag

Muay Thai punching bags are an essential component of Muay Thai gear as well. They are heavy bags used in training sessions to practice punches andMuay Thai Gear kicks. They are hung from the wall and basically fighters use all sorts of combinations of punches and kicks on them. Any punching bag you buy must be made of the best material and be durable.




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