Learn Karate at Home

Learn Karate at Home

Learn Karate at Home

Can You Learn Karate at Home?

Anyone can learn Karate, and there is no reason why you can’t learn it at home, especially if you have a Karate training DVD, which you can refer to whenever you want to. However, it is always better to go to Karate class, at least once a week, so that a professional instructor can watch your technique and suggest improvements.

Ideally, you should learn Karate at home for most of the week, while attending Karate class during weekends. You should practice the kihon (or basics) at home, as well as the kata (or forms).

Karate is more than just a self defense technique. It is a comprehensive art form that builds self esteem and self-confidence in those who practice it. Nobody is too young or too old to learn Karate, so why don’t you pick up the best Karate training DVD out there and get started right away!

Learn Karate at Home: Potential Roadblocks

Why do so many people struggle to learn Karate at home? For one, you can get easily distracted when you train by yourself. You will probably start daydreaming after a while and generally get bored, being all by your own.Learn Karate at Home

Not concentrating hard enough on your practice is a serious issue with learning Karate at home. This can cause a serious injury if you are not careful enough. Besides, there is a problem with lack of motivation.

So how do you tackle these roadblocks? There’s a simple solution to this – get a friend or two to learn Karate at home with you. This introduces a healthy competition as to who picks up the techniques faster, and keeps you motivated to try your best. Also, when you train in the company of a friend, you will concentrate better and enjoy your sessions more too.

Learn Karate at Home: Cool Tips You Can Use!

We offer 6 great tips to help you enjoy your Karate sessions at home.

#1. Turn off all distractions such as mobile phone, TV, computers etc. while training at home and don’t answer the door if somebody rings while your practice session is on.

#2. Fix a particular schedule for your Karate practice and be sure to stick to it come what may.

#3. Plan your practice beforehand. Note down the techniques you are going to practice, the intensity at which you are going to practice them and allocate time for each exercise.

#4. Ask a family member to take a video of your practice session. This will help you analyze your technique later on your TV and compare it with that of the instructors on the Karate training DVD.Learn Karate at Home

#5. As said earlier, invite a friend to train with you. This keeps your motivation high and makes your Karate sessions fun and interesting.

#6. Play fast, motivational music that keeps you up throughout the session. One track that has always been popular with fitness enthusiasts or athletes is Eye of the Tiger from the movie Rocky.

Learn Karate at Home: Let’s Get Started!

Your Karate class at home should begin with a warm up, quickly followed by a full body stretch. This loosens up your body and improves your flexibility. Next, you shLearn Karate at Homeould practice the basic Karate movies such as blocking, punching and kicking. If you have a training partner with you, you should practice sparring as well. Finally, at the end of the session, watch a Karate training DVD to find out if there is some technique that you haven’t got right.

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to learn Karate whether at home or in a Karate school. You should be prepared to do the hard yards, and most importantly, you should enjoy your sessions. The only way you will learn Karate is if you are truly excited about the sport.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

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4 thoughts on “Learn Karate at Home

  1. Dan

    I wish I would have thought about this before spending so much money on my child’s TKD classes. I figured the more she went, the better it would be. But in the end, my pockets were too empty. This is a great way to save money and still learn the art of Karate. I would imagine it could be used as family time also. Great article!

    1. Hi Dan, I´m glad that you enjoyed my post.Practicing Karate at home its cheaper than taking paying lessons, no doubts about it.But its also important to have a teacher near by, to tell you, what you did wrong, and what you done well.
      I fully agree with you, when you say that it could be used as family time also.
      I really appreciate your comment.

      Best Regards,

  2. Bruce

    I never thought of learning karate at home but I guess with videos and internet theres no reason why not. Thanks for the tips on learning karate at home

    1. Hi Bruce, you´re welcome.In fact, watching Karate Dvd´s, from the most respected masters in the world, help us improving our Karate skills.
      Its a good way to start learnig karate from home.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

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