Krav Maga Equipment

Krav Maga Equipment

Krav Maga Equipment

What Should You Expect from Krav Maga Equipment?

Before we tell you more about Krav Maga and what to expect from it, let’s discuss what makes Krav Maga such a precious skill to learn. Essentially, Krav Maga teaches you to immobilize and overpower your opponent in the shortest time possible. It is a fighting skill that has been developed by the Israel Defense Force.

Krav Maga is not exactly a martial art – it is purely a self-defense skill. It is not a sport, but a fighting technique that is guaranteed to protect you when you find yourself in a life and death situation.

You don’t have to be very strong, big in size or physically fit to learn Krav Maga. You don’t have to belong to a particular age group either – children and the eldKrav Maga Equipmenterly can learn Krav Maga as well. And Krav Maga is especially recommended for women, to keep them safe even when they are on their own.

Before you join a Krav Maga class, or practice learning Krav Maga at home using Krav Maga training DVDs, it is important that you have all the necessary Krav Maga equipment you need to get started. Let’s talk about the essential Krav Maga equipment that you shall be needing.

Belts, Holsters and Pouches: As a Krav Maga fighter, you will need belts, holsters and pouches. There are several varieties for you to choose from, but why not buy from the very best – that will last you for a long time to come? We like the belts, holster and pouches made by Safariland and Bianchi quite a lot. But you should not worry too much if you find these products slightly over your budget. You might just as well buy a holster that is more affordable, such as one made by Uncle Mike’s.

Moisture Wicking Shirts: Moisture Wicking Shirts are essential under armor for Krav Maga enthusiasts. Luckily, these important Krav Maga equipment don’t cost much at all. You can buy excellent moisture wicking shirts made by Foliage Green and Tru-Spec on Amazon.Krav Maga Equipment





Ear and Eye Protection: The most important part of your Krav Maga equipment is the ear and eye protection. You can get custom made ear plugs and eye protection from a local vendor. Or you can buy directly from Amazon, where you will have a plenty of choices. It is important that the ear and eye protection should fit you well.Krav Maga Equipment

Trousers:  Krav Maga trousers have to be extremely comfortable, not too tight and light in weight. You can look for tactical trousers made by the brands EOTAC, Woolrich, and Blackhawk on Amazon. Tru-Spec is another brand that makes tactical trousers appropriate for Krav Maga at an affordable price.



Inner Belt: In Krav Maga, you do need an inner belt, one that is both comfortable and affordable. One we like is an inner belt made by Blackhawk, which makes excellent tactical gear.

Krav Maga Boots: Boots are essential for Krav Maga. In this Krav Maga is different from many martial arts that require a participant to be barefooted. The best Krav Maga boots you can look for Krav Maga Equipmentare any of the bestsellers by brands such as OTB or S.W.A.T. on Amazon.




Flashlights:  Flashlights are essential parts of the Krav Maga equipment. You cannot go wrong with Surefire flashlights on Amazon. They are lightweight and very affordable too. Other alternatives you can look at are flashlights made by Nitro and Streamlight.

So, these are the essential Krav Maga equipment you should have. If you have to make a choice between affordability and quality while selecting the equipment, you should always lean on quality. But most of the Krav Maga equipment we have mentioned here give you both – great price and a top quality.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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  1. TDY

    Hi Emanuel , what awesome site you have here and theme choice are very good too ,the post and pages easy to understand and i actually came back again after the first visit . great job Emanuel

    1. Hi, I´m glad that you liked my website.
      Feel free to browse my site often.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

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  2. Markus

    Hey Emanuel

    I was reading your article on Krav Maga Equipment and didn’t realize that there was such a thing.
    Not long ago I was watching a special presentation on TV. It was all about Israel’s Defense Force using this fighting technique. Pretty brutal form if you ask me.
    I didn’t realize that there was gear to go along with this, but I guess if your going to practice it one should have protection.

    I saw the boots and the flashlight, would there be some head gear as well?


    1. Hi Markus, I really appreciate your comment.Since this article is only about Krav Maga Equipment, I did not mention the “Headgear” in this article, but I will be more than happy to include it, in my next post about, what Krav Maga Protective Gear should we use?.
      Thanks a lot for your comment, and stay tuned

      Best Regards,

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