Karate Equipment for Sale

Karate Equipment for Sale

Karate Equipment for Sale

This article is targeted at parents who’ve just got their child enrolled in a Karate school. As a parent, you’d be understandably thrilled at your child’s happiness and excitement at leaning Karate. But before she begins her Karate training – you have work to do. You should start looking for Karate Equipment for Sale ASAP, so that your child is well and truly ready for her first day at Karate school.Karate Equipment for Sale

The great thing about Karate Equipment for Sale is that none of them really cost much. Your biggest expense will be paying the fees at the Karate school. The amount you spend on your child’s Karate gear would be minor in comparison. But all Karate schools expect their students to have the right Karate gear and equipment. So here’s a list of the Karate Equipment for Sale you should look to buy.


The Karate Uniform or the Karate Gi: Karate uniform or the Karate Gi is the first thing that you should buy for your child. A decent Karate uniform costs $100 at least, but it can also cost $250, depending on the brand and the quality of the cloth. You will find the best Karate Gi at MMAWarehouse.com and MMAOverload.com, as well as at Amazon.com. Just keep looking till you find the perfect fit for your child.


Sparring gear – Your child will spar with a training partner at some point in her Karate training. She should be prepared for this and have the right Karate sparring gear. Hand Karate Equipment for Salepads and shin pads are essential. Headgear is also important for children as it keeps them safe. A gum shield will protect your child’s teeth from damage, and is important as well.





Training gear –  It’s not enough to train at Karate in school, your child should train at home as well. Karate requires a plenty of practice, just a few hours a week at Karate classKarate Equipment for Sale will never be enough. That’s why you should get a hanging bag or a freestanding bag for your child to practice her kicks. A decent kick bag costs at least $100. But it is possible that you may have to spend more.





Weapons – Karate weapons are really quite cheap and hardly cost more than $30. Most of these weapons are pretty basic. But if your child is competing in tournaments, thenKarate Equipment for Sale you may want to buy more expensive weapons of a better quality for her.





Karate Training DVDs and Books – Your child’s training does not stop at Karate school. You should buy Karate training DVDs for her so that she can watch experts practice Karate and learn how exactly the various moves are made. You should buy her Karate books as well, reading is a habit that parents should seek to develop in children. Amazon has an excellent collection of Karate training DVDs and Karate books, do have a look at them.

Well, that’s it – that’s the list. All the Karate Equipment for Sale mentioned here will cost you no more than $500 in all, which is pretty cheap considering how much your child will benefit from learning Karate. Learning Karate will build her confidence, become both physically and mentally stronger and teach her precious self-defense skills. Do browse our website for more information on Karate and other martial arts.


I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Karate Equipment for Sale

  1. Thanks for the great advice on buying karate equipment for my kid. It’s important to have the right gear to maximize their training efforts.

    Keep up the good work with this site. I will forward it to others I know will enjoy learning more about karate.

    1. Hi Andreas, I fully agree with you about having the right gear to maximize their training efforts, in a safe way.
      That´s why its very important to always wear a good karate equipment.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. When my kid first joined Karate we decided not to buy gear immediately. We wanted to make sure he stuck with it. He did for several years and he loved his kit. He was growing at a tremendous rate so we had to keep getting him new stuff – but it was worth it.
    He did eventually quit, after two of his friends quit. It was a shame really. He was 12 when he quit and was on his 2nd Dan – brown belt – Shotokan. he would have made Black in another year or so. He was pretty good at it.
    Fortunately, he has started to train again in a local kickboxing club. He enjoys the training and the sport, but isn’t pushed about competition or grading. Unfortunately, he’s now 14 and is still growing so were still buying him kit – but – it’s still worth it.

    1. Hi EoinMc, thanks a lot for your comment, but especially for sharing this story about your son´s life practicing Karate.
      Since is still growing, I know that it is not an easy task, finding new karate equipment for sale, but if he really love it – it’s still worth it.

      I really appreciate your comment.


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