Karate Equipment for Kids

Karate Equipment for Kids

Karate Equipment for Kids

Importance of the Proper Karate Equipment for Kids

Karate literally means “empty hand”. Karate is a self defense technique that trains you in unarmed combat. But that doesn’t mean that Karate has no equipment or gear. In fact, for those learning Karate, especially children, having the right and proper Karate equipment for kids makes their learning process so much easier, safer and better.

Kids must learn Karate the right way, and that’s why parents must be very careful while selecting Karate equipment for kids. But why should you enroll your kid in Karate school? What are the benefits of learning Karate for your child? How does Karate help him or her?

Learning Karate builds confidence in children, makes them better capable of handling bullying in school, and shakes off any inferiority complex they may feel about being smaller than the other kids in the class. Karate is also a wholesome activity that keeps your kids fit and active. It sharpens their focus, improves their ability to concentrate in class and builds their sense of self esteem.

Let’s discuss a bit more about Karate Equipment for Kids.

The Karate Uniform

It is very important that children should wear the right Karate uniform when they compete in competitions or practice at home or at Karate school. Karate Karate Equipment for Kidsuniforms are called karate gi or just “gi”. They are made from durable cotton canvas material of the color white. Some kids may prefer to wear gi of colors other than white, which is okay as well. Along with a gi, one should wear a colored belt called the “obi” which indicates the level of the learner, how proficient he or she is at Karate. The karate gi should always be loose fitting so that the child is able to maneuver easily while practicing her karate.

Various Karate Gi Styles

Karate gi comes in several different varieties. Among the most popular are the Kata cut, the Japanese cut and the European cut. The Japanese cut of the karate gi which has shorter pans and short sleeves is the most popular of the three when it comes to karate equipment for kids. This is because it offers a better freedom of movement and has a longer lapel which prevents the karate gi from running over the colored obi.

The Kata cut has very short sleeves and is highly attractive, used mainly in ceremonies rather than for practical purposes. The European cut is the most traditional cut of the Karate gi, it has long sleeves and cuffs, and worn by adults rather than by kids.

Sparring Gear for Karate

Sparring is an essential part of learning Karate. Basically, it involves two learners engaging in a combat that is done to improve their martial art technique ratherKarate Equipment for Kids than to cause any injury. Avoiding injuries to yourself and to your sparring partner is the main thing in sparring. That is why having the right karate gear is very important here. During the sparring, the learners will punch and kick each other with full force, so without proper protective equipment they might get hurt very easily. Sparring karate equipment for children includes helmets, hand paddles, hand guards, shin guards and chest protectors. It is essential that your child should wear all of these equipments before a sparring session and be adequately protected.


Always buy the most authentic karate equipment for kids, even though they may be pricier than average. Also, it is important to buy at least 3 or 4 Karate gi for your child, so that he or she is adequately covered for a competition. Ensure that you buy the very best sparring equipment as well… helmets, hand paddles, hand guards, shin guards and chest protectors. You will find more information about this on allbestmma.com, so just look around till you get what you want.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Karate Equipment for Kids

  1. Katerina Markakis

    Hello! I love your website! Very informative! This post is so helpful to me. My step son is interested in attending some karate classes and I want to learn more about karate in general but the equipment needed for it too. Thank you so much for sharing Emanuel! You are doing a great job!

    1. Thanks Katerina, I´m glad that you found my post useful.

  2. Matt TheDopestMatrix

    I remember taking teakwondo as a kid, not karate, even though that’s what I thought it was basically! haha
    Sparing gear is EXTREMELY important, it saved me plenty times from a kick in the nuts to a punch in the temple, children especially should take the precaution!

    Great post!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. You are absolutely right Matt,Sparring gear is extremely important in karate,especially for kids.I always advise the use of good sparring gear to all practitioners.
      Thanks for your comment Matt.

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