How to Learn Muay Thai at Home? – All You Want To Know!

How to Learn Muay Thai at Home? – All You Want To Know!

Learn Muay Thai at Home

Why learn Muay Thai at Home?

There are several reasons to learn Muay Thai at home. For one, you may not have a Muay Thai gym close to your home, and even if there is one, it may not be the best gym in the world. There is no point driving several hours each day to get to a decent Muay Thai gym. It makes better sense to make use of learn Muay Thai DVD. This saves you a lot of money on the gym membership as well. Using the instructions given here, you will find it easy to learn Muay Thai at home.

First, it is important to pick a good learn Muay Thai DVD where all the exercises and drills are clearly explained. If possible, get a trained Muay Thai instructor to put through your paces once in a week, at least. It helps to have a professional watch over you as you practice your Muay Thai technique, so that he can tell you exactly where you are going wrong.

Having a sparring partner is also recommended. A sparring partner will train with you and work with you on sparring, clinching and holding the pads for you.Learn Muay Thai at Home With a sparring partner, you will pick up Muay Thai a lot faster. Preferably, the sparring partner should be as sincere and eager to learn Muay Thai as you are.

Next, you have to set up your Muay Thai home gym. For this, use the most spacious room in your house or a garage. Remove everything in it and hang a heavy punching bag in the middle of the room. Fix a full-body on one of the walls to help you with shadow boxing. Have all the dumbbells and barbells in place to help you out with strength training. That’s it – you are now ready to learn Muay Thai at home!

Learn Muay Thai at Home: Instructions

Step 1. It is always important to warm-up before you start training at home. If you have a treadmill, keep it at an incline and run on it for no more than 10 minutes. This will get you warmed up instantly. Next, get a skipping rope and skip for 5 minutes. This will get your muscles perfectly loose and get your blood flow going.

Step 2. Shadow boxing is done by all Muay Thai fighters. Focus on the full-body mirror, stay 2 feet apart from it, and without ever touching it,  practice the Muay Thai techniques that you have learned from learn Muay Thai DVD. Work on your timing, footwork, and various combinations. Watch yourself carefully in the mirror as you do so, to ensure that you are doing everything just the way they should be done. Carefully watch your punching and kicking techniques as well as defensive skills.

Learn Muay Thai at HomeStep 3. The work you do with the punching  bag is an essential part of Muay Thai. Practice all your techniques on the punching bag. Focus on your punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Time your punching sessions. Work on your movement as you hit the bag and it moves to and fro. Work on your coordination and timing. You should hit the bag for no more than a round of 3 minutes at a time, with 6 rounds in a training session, with a rest of 3 minutes in between rounds.

Step 4. Finish your training sessions with strength training exercises. Do at least 100 pushups in each training session. This won’t be easy at the start. Begin by doing 20 pushups in a training session, and gradually increase it to 100. Pushups are perhaps the most important exercise for a Muay Thai fighter. Also, do pull ups, burpees, squats and lunges. Add resistance to your exercise routine by using dumbbells and barbells as well.

Step 5. Watch Muay Thai matches on TV very carefully. If possible, go to a national or international level Muay Thai tournament held in your country as a spectator and closely observe the fighting techniques of all fighters. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, and find out what you can learn from them. Watch several different learn Muay Thai DVD as well.

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10 thoughts on “How to Learn Muay Thai at Home? – All You Want To Know!

  1. Very informative. I am a student of Krav. I like the idea that a person can learn martial arts at home with a friend. Great site.


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Jeffrey.
      Have a nice day.

  2. Roslyn

    Nice site. I love the recommendation to learn and practice the art at home.. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Roslyn
      I´m glad that you liked my post about learning Muay Thai at home.

  3. David Snodgrass

    this site has a lot of info on how to do this at home and you explain how to do it very well

    1. Hi David, I´m glad that you liked it.I always try to do my best.:)
      Thanks for the comment.
      Have a great day.

  4. Emily

    I had the pleasure to learn muay thai with a trainer one on one and that was such a great experience! It took me forever (well like 6 months) to finally understand the moves (open your hips! he would say) but I did. Practicing with the pads is just the best but the punching bag is also good. I just love the kicks and the power I feel I have in me when I kick. I have the Tap out videos at home which are pretty good kickboxing as well as cardio and strength training videos. I incorporate them in my routine every week

    1. Hi Emily, thanks a lot for sharing your story, and yes, in fact there are some good videos that really helps us improving our skills at home.
      Have a great day.

  5. johan Myers

    I work inconvenient hours and therefore I am having trouble finding martial arts classes suitable for my demands. Than you for sharing this awesome article I am so glad I came over it, ton help me a lot!

    1. Hi Johan, I am very happy that this post has helped you.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

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