Best Muay Thai Gloves

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Why Should You Buy the Best Muay Thai Gloves?

You need the best Muay Thai gloves if you are performing clinching techniques in addition to sparring. However, if you are just sparring, and not doing any clinching, then even a pair of boxing gloves will do very well indeed. Both boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves are made from the same fabric and meant to protect your hands – the difference being that Muay Thai gloves allow you to open your hands and clinch your opponent. Also, Muay Thai gloves offer admirable protection to the knuckles.

Types of Muay Thai Gloves

The different types of Muay Thai gloves are:

Training Gloves – They are the most standard and basic Muay Thai gloves that are ideal for clinching, bag work, pad work and for sparring as well. Training Best Muay Thai Glovesgloves are usually lighter and don’t cost much. However, you should be very careful while sparring with your training gloves as they may not offer the full protection you seek and may cause an injury to your opponent.

Sparring Gloves – Sparring gloves are bigger in size and heavier than training gloves. They offer full protection when you punch, and absorb most of the impact made during sparring, which protects your sparring partner. These gloves range from 14 to 18 oz. Women prefer 14 oz sparring gloves, and men use 16-18 oz gloves.

Bag Gloves – Bag gloves are the lightest Muay Thai gloves and offer no great protection as they don’t have much padding. They are perfect for hitting a bag or pads, as long as you don’t punch too heavily. Since there isn’t much padding, you should be very careful while using these gloves. Certainly, you should never use bag gloves for sparring – it could hurt your opponent really badly if you do.

Competition Gloves – Competition gloves are much smaller in size and lighter and used extensively in amateur as well as professional competitions.  Professional figBest Muay Thai Gloveshters prefer using lace up gloves. When in a competition, you don’t have to purchase your own gloves, because they are provided by the organizers. These gloves fit very tightly on your hands and are quite light. They don’t weigh more than 8 to 12 oz, which makes them very similar to the gloves you use for training. So, your training gloves are perfect if you would like to practice for a competition.

 How to Choose your Muay Thai Gloves?

It’s very important to make the right decision while selecting a pair of Muay Thai gloves. The best Muay Thai gloves are made by recognized brands that have been in the business for several years. These gloves come in three main sizes – small, large and medium. The larger the size of the glove, higher will be its weight. It is important to try out the glove sizes before deciding to buy a pair. If you are sure about your glove size, you can buy the best Muay Thai gloves from reputed online stores, such as MMAWarehouse, MMAOverload, and Amazon.

How Many Muay Thai Gloves Should You Buy?Best Muay Thai Gloves

You don’t really need any more than a couple of pairs of the best Muay Thai gloves. Buy a heavier pair of sparring gloves and a smaller pair of training gloves. You should train with both, but be very careful when sparring with your training gloves. Many Muay Thai fighters also like to have a pair of bag gloves as well. Bag gloves are great when you are practicing your clinching and grappling techniques. Bag gloves give a Muay Thai fighter better control when grappling a training partner. But really, you should have as many pairs as you are comfortable with.

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