Best Judo Gi

Best Judo Gi

Best Judo Gi

Judo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, which is practiced by hundreds of thousands of men, women and children all over the world. People learn Judo, practice its movements and techniques for several reasons. Some learn judo to take part in international competitions such as the Olympics, World Judo Championship, Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, and win medals in them.

Others learn Judo purely for self defense. Children learn judo because it is a fun activity and builds self esteem. Some learn Judo to sweat and get rid of the excess fat collected around the midriff area. Whatever may be your reasons for learning Judo are, it is important to wear the best Judo Gi available in the market, always. Let’s talk a bit more about Judo Gi and how to select one.

It is very important for Judo fighters to wear the most appropriate uniform, whether during training or during a competition – known as the Judo Gi. The best judo gi allow the judo practitioners to perform without any restriction or hindrance. They allow for a full range of movements, and ensure that the judo practitioners are not restricted in any manner.Best Judo Gi

This way, the judo practitioners can get more joy out of their sport. That’s why it is essential to have the judo go made from the best material and with a great style, which is both practical and comfortable. What you should know about judo gi is that they are inspired by the best of Japanese traditions, using a design that has been perfected over several years.

Features of the Judo Gi

Uwagi: Upper part of the judo gi. It is heavier than the pants or the shitabaki.  Uwagi provides maximum protection to the Judo practitioner and absorbs all sweat from the body.

Shitabaki:  They are pants worn by the Judo practitioner and the lower half of  Judo Gi.  It is lightweight and loose, so as to offer flexible movement of the legs. The shitabaki is made of cotton and is highly flexible, allowing for a full movement of the legs.

Obi: Obi is the belt that holds the uwagi in the right place. The color of the Obi represents the skill level of the Judo practitioner.

There are generally two types of Judo Gi.

Single Weave Judo Gi

Single weave Judo GI are cheaper versions of the judo gi that are generally worn by children or amateurs who are just starting out in Judo. They are lighter, softer and very comfortable. One may wear them easily for everyday training. Among the best brands that make single weave judo gi are Ronin and Mizuno. Both brands have been around in the industry for over two decades, serving countless judo fighters.Best Judo Gi

Double Weave Judo Gi

Double weave judo gis are stronger, more durable and capable of withstanding the powerful movements during a fight. They are made of thick and high quality material. Ronin and Fuji make the best double weave judo gi in the world. Adidas and Mizuno also make quality products. You can’t go wrong with any of these companies.


Wearing the best Judo Gi is essential so that Judo practitioners can train and spar with free, unrestricted movement. Judo gis of a superior quality ensure that a fighter makes the best of his skills. It’s important to be very careful while selecting Judo Gi and inspect them very carefully for any possible defects or wear and tear. Don’t buy a judo gi until and unless it feels comfortable enough for you. For more information on martial arts and martial arts gear, browse

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6 thoughts on “Best Judo Gi

  1. Matthew

    Great Post! When I was younger and training in Ju-Jitsu, we all wore a judo gi because the quality was so high. Other gi’s would rip, or shrink in the wash, but not the judo ones. Love the site! Gotta go finish watching Miocic Vs. Hunt, bye!

    1. I really appreciate your comment.
      Thanks Matthew.

  2. Emily

    hi there!
    Well I learned the names of the different judo attire by reading your post! I am a big fan of martial arts ans practice muay thai myself but I had no clue about the attire. I think judo for kids is just a wonderful activity. As a school psychologist in the past, I used to recommend it to practice self-control, patience and just as a release of energy.

    1. Hi Emily,
      I´m glad to know that you are a big fan of Martial Arts, and a Muay Thai practitioner.
      Actually practicing martial arts brings self-esteem and confidence,I totally agree with you.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing so much helpful information with us about Judo Gi.
    I was really in need of that.

    1. You´re welcome James.
      Thanks for your comment.

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