Authentic Samurai Swords Sale

Authentic Samurai Swords Sale

Authentic Samurai Swords Sale

Authentic Samurai Swords Sale – What to expect?

You will get a lot of Japanese style swords in online stores that claim to be authentic, but they really are cheap replicas and not even functional. While they are made from steel and are quite sharp, it is more than likely that their blades snap or break down on contact. While many of these replicas look great, but they are not really genuine products and as a buyer, you will feel cheated. That’s why you should always buy from an Authentic Samurai Swords Sale.

Sure, the swords available at an Authentic Samurai Swords Sale are quite expensive – but they are what a true Samurai would have. How much does an authentic Samurai sword cost? Well, an entry level Nihonto or Shinken, which are real katana that are made in Japan cost $3000 and above. So they certainly don’t come cheap.

Authentic Samurai Swords Sale – How to Know if it is really Genuine?

Let’s look at the factors that help you identify if your Samurai sword is indeed authentic.

The Steel: The quality of the steel is the most important factor in finding just how authentic your sword really is. Historically, Japan has always had a steelAuthentic Samurai Swords Sale industry that made products of the highest quality. An authentic Samurai sword should be made with steel with few impurities. It should have an excellent distribution of carbon and should be prepared with precise heat treatment. There should be no weak spots at all in the finished forged blade. It should have very fine grain, which creates a blade that is strong and not liable at break or deflect.


Forging: All authentic Samurai swords are forged. You can make out clearly whether a sword is authentic or not because replicas of Samurai swords are never forged and don’t have the quality and integrity of a genuine forged blade. So, always ask during an authentic Samurai swords sale if the blades are forged or not.

Design and Shape: Authentic Samurai swords have a design that follows from historical traditions. Remember, Samurais were warriors in a feudal era. So your Samurai sword should reflect those times, when the life of the warrior rested on the design, shape and quality of his sword. You should look at the strength, balance and sharpness as well.

Balance: Balance is what makes a Samurai sword authentic. It makes the sword fully functional and capable of being used in a true combat situation. Most modern swords lack balance and this makes them worthless in a real life and death situation. You will be able to train with your authentic Samurai sword better because of its balance, which makes the most of your strength and allows you to wield it with confidence.

Authentic Samurai Swords SalePolish: Polishing the Samurai sword is a process that requires a lot of effort from the sword maker. It is a long and tedious process, which cannot be done by machines. When swords are polished on machines, the polish does not stay for long; it wears off after a few months or so. You should ask clearly if the Samurai sword was hand finished before buying it.

Mounting: The Samurai sword is a seamless combination of the blade, habaki, saya and tsuka. It should have a special mounting consisting of a scabbard or saya made of wood. There should be an opening with a water buffalo horn ring that reinforces the wood. It should have metal fittings  such as tsuba, kashira, menuki, as well as shitodome –  using steel, silver, copper and gold. The handle or the tsuka should be of the right length, enough to balance the blade and to be held with two pins called the mekugi.

How successful you are with your training largely depends on the authenticity of the Samurai sword. That’s why you should be careful enough only to buy from an Authentic Samurai Swords Sale, using the guidelines given here.

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Authentic Samurai Swords Sale

  1. San

    Hello Emanuel,
    I LOVE your site. My son will love your site, he is really into swords, more so than I am and he is also into the games you have in you ads. Great information on what is a real Samurai sword and what is not. I knew some of it but you went deeper than I ever have. Great article.


    1. Hi San, I really appreciate your comment, and feel free to browse my website.
      I wish you a great day.

  2. Jerry

    Hi Emanuel, thanks for sharing this informative article. Are your audience/customers both collectors and people practising with this weapon? Do they still make new samurai swords or are they all used and ancient? Cheers, Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry, about the audience in this category (AIKIJUTSU – THE MARTIAL ART OF THE SAMURAI) well let me tell you, we have collectors, practitioners of Aikijutsu, and samurai swords, and armor fans.
      Even now, it´s possible to have a new authentic samurai sword, if you want,they still do it.
      Thanks a lot for your comment, and have a great day.

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