Authentic Samurai Armor Sale

Authentic Samurai Armor Sale

Authentic Samurai Armor Sale

One of the fun and exciting things foreign tourists do in Japan is to relive the Samurai lifestyle, use their swords, wear the Samurai armor, learn the fighting techniques, learn how to wield the Samurai sword and even participate in mock battles, known as chambara, fully clothed in authentic Samurai armor. Before we tell you more about Authentic Samurai Armor Sale, it’s important to understand a little about the Samurai, who they were and why they are so respected.

Who were the Samurai?

The Samurai were the pre-eminent warriors of pre-modern era Japan. They later transformed themselves into the military elite and were to become the most important social caste in the country, especially in the Edo period. The Samurai used weapons such as bows, arrows, spears and even guns, but their weapon of choice was the famous Samurai Sword.

The Samurai were strict disciplinarians and led their lives according to the Bushido code, which means, “the way of the warrior”. They were also praAuthentic Samurai Armor Salecticing Zen Buddhists and a lot of the Samurai philosophy is derived from Buddhism.

Authentic Samurai Armor Sale – What to Expect?

Samurai armor is different from the traditional armor worn by the Knights in England, or elite soldiers in the rest of Europe in the medieval era.  It’s easy to verify an authentic Samurai armor sale because these suits are so instantly recognizable and distinctive. Authentic Samurai armor is awe-inspiring, beautiful and unique. They protect the body and serve a warrior well in the battlefield.

Originally Samurai armor was made from plates of iron and leather. The goal was to keep the armor as lightweight as possible. The makers of the Samurai armor used bright colors and lacquer and which ensured that their creation stood out in the crowd, while protecting the warrior who wore it. Also, care was taken to provide protection from harsh weather conditions in Japan.

Authentic Samurai Armor Sale – How Are the Armors Made?

Many makers of authentic Samurai armor no longer use the traditional means of production. Today, modern technology is used to bring the individual plates of the Samurai armor together. These plates are mechanically pressed together and drilled. They are then bent using pneumatic hammers and then refined by hand. Some manufacturers replace the traditional rivets with spot welds, and use machine woven ropes to bind the suits together. Care is taken to ensure that each plate in the armor is sewn in its place by hand. Everything armor manufacturers do is completely in-house, they don’t outsource any of their work to outsiders. They do the pressing of the ornamental brass crests that adorn the suits themselves. This ensures that only the most authentic Samurai armor gets made.

Authentic Samurai Armor Sale – How Much Do the Armors Cost?

So how much should you expect to pay in an authentic Samurai Armor sale?  It’s hard to be accurate here, but most authentic Samurai armors are very expensive because of the amazing artwork and artistry that has gone into their manufacturing.Authentic Samurai Armor Sale

The critical factor used to determine the value of an authentic Samurai armor is not necessarily how old it is or whether it was made completely by hand or not. The quality of the armor determines its price, and its authenticity.

It is very difficult to fake the quality because of how hard it is to make these armors. So a full Samurai suit, which is 100% authentic, can cost anything from $3000 to $25000. However, there are many simpler Samurai suits that can be had for just $300 to $1500 as well.



authentic samurai armor sale


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